A Fusion of the traditional and Modern wear

Hello people
I hope everyone is doing great have been little busy for few days but I'm back with new bang!


Fashion is fun when there are no boundaries, no defined rules and a complete freedom to express one's creativity. That way, it will be neutral for all, irrespective of race, religion, tradition, etc.

I've always been in love with traditional attires, however, rarely got to wear as I find it challenging to move around in them. Being a fashion designer and a blogger I love to experiment new things, especially when it comes to fashion. One such example is when I turned a traditional"mnai" (pronounced: 'nai' with the 'm' silent) into a dress. It basically is a rectangular piece of hand/machine woven traditional wraparound bottomwear, covering a woman's body part from waist all the way down to ankles. I borrowed this "mnai" from my sister's closet and was totally in love with the embroidered print. So, instead of wearing it traditionally as usual, this time I pushed myself to make a challenging design out of it. Hence, ended up in sewing my own "mnai fusion outfit", a dress!


A lot of people tend to wear traditional attires only the way it's meant to be worn. Whereas, I find it versatile, as it can easily be blended with modern style; with just a tad bit of twist πŸ˜‰

I'm pretty sure about many other cooler ways to style traditional outfits, however, here I am, presenting my own version of it.

Also, I believe in the idea of recycling the old traditional outfits and giving them a new look. It's better than the clothes ending up being used as a table cloth or a mop 🀣

And I'm going to show you how! Just keep reading πŸ™‚


Here, I paired my buttoned white silk-shirt with a traditional palazzo, accesorised it with a traditional necklace (called "rangbouh" in Tripuri language) and a red cute raticule. I added this necklace to make the outfit look even more attractive, and the red raticule to give a pinch of western touch to the outfit.

As a result, I got a new traditional look, which is so comfortable and easy to carry around without any worries of looking overexposed. This pant is so simple that it goes with almost everything.

Hope this article changes your perspective of wearing a traditional attire. Just try your own version of "fusion outfit" and feel free to bother me if you need any suggestions.

As always, thank you so much for reading. Happy styling!

Daisy Reang


  1. Hello there!! Nice fashion fusion. But I think “Rnai”s the accurate word to be used n not mnai..

    1. As everyone knows our KauBru is a dialect. So there may be different in pronunciation but both mnai or rnai…

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