Elegance and Simplicity In Ethnic Day

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Hope you all are doing good. Today, I am here with a new post wearing something that I love to wear, and that’s Saree. In collaboration with @craftsvilla, I have received this beautiful Saree and I am so in love with it, starting from its colour to its material. It’s just perfect! Thanks @craftsvilla! 🙂 In @craftsvilla you’ll find varieties of items from clothing to jewelries and also other different types of accessories. To look for more, their store near you or you can visit their website CRAFTSVILLA

@craftsvilla is a platform to showcase skilled craftsmanship of small artisans that is about to get extinct in India. Keeping in mind the importance of these skilled men, @craftsvilla celebrates and encourages the traditional craftsmen of around the world by taking a meaningful initiative of celebrating the


on 19th of June

I am very glad to be part of this thoughtful initiative.

In this post I have worn a beautiful floral printed Crepe Saree and a matching blouse of the same material. This peach printed Saree has a very fresh look and it’s perfect for your summer collection. This floral Saree is a breath of fresh air breezing in this summer heat. The colour is young and vibrant. The material gives a calm and soothing touch on the skin. It is a must have if you are a Saree lover. It is suitable for events like ethnic day, wedding or a party. This Saree is totally an attention grabber in the room full of people.

As you can see, I like minimal jewellery with this outfit, so an earring, a bracelet and a finger ring were the three sure shot accessory items to get my hands on. This Saree is a statement by itself and I would suggest that light and small jewellery will look outstanding with this outfit.

Ethnicity to me is something that every individual should celebrate; appreciate and innovate. It is diverse and multitudinous. Ethnicity keeps us connected with our origin and gives us a sense of belonging. To me, staying connected to my roots (Tripuri) is very important and I’ve always tried to display and share it through my fashion/style. Rnai/Rignai ( wrapper for loin) and Rsa (wrapper for covering the chest) is a handmade traditional dress of my tribe. It is worn by the ladies commonly at all events and at any time of the day. However, I as modern age girl I like to try out different outfits and Saree happens to be one of them. I think it looks absolutely sexy!!

Other than the fashion/style, food is something that gives me immense happiness. So, on this ethnic day I wish to highlight the Tripuri traditional dishes that were prepared by my friend at a friends and family gathering. The traditional food of my state (Tripura) is delicious and succulent burst of flavours. One must definitely try out the Chakhui/Chakhwi and steamed fish in turmeric leave. The smell of the dish is just heavenly!

Accessory: SHEIN
Photography & Editing:
Jarwi Debbarma
Steffy Reang
Shekhar Debbarma
Food courtesy:

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