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And I suppose being all-Shimano purchasing/distribution, one vendor to deal with for the issues you’ll have. Any upgrades for P2 over P1? Apparently a common theme on the PowerTap… So I’ll wait for my Assioma’s to arrive then I’ll stick them on and replace the bearings at the first hint of problems (for far less than £150)…. Companies including Garmin, Wahoo, and Favero have all committed to supporting these metrics. I was looking for something more reliable than my Vector2 pedals and after a lot of research went with Infocrank. The entire battery pod drama/saga I just outlined in the above multi-paragraph section. This year also didn’t see major price shifts. Would I buy it: I have zero issues with the Stages LR in terms of purchasing one, and in fact did so this past June for my main test bike. Any chance that you’ll be offering a square taper track crank arm, or that I can send you one and get it installed? There are certainly other views out there (all wrong of course), but this comes from my perspective of trying out all the products below and hearing feedback from literally hundreds of people per day. @Sean from Stages – so if I have an Ultegra 6800 gen2, can I upgrade to LR by purchasing an Ultegra 8000 gen3 right only? However, while I was waiting for the Stages battery covers to come in, I ordered a 4iiii Podium left side power meter because at the time I thought that I didn’t want to deal with coin cell battery covers coming off and getting lost, so enter the rechargeable USB port Podiiiium power meter. Otherwise, they’re basically the same. Do you expect any significant upgrade? Ahh, good catch. I also use a Pioneer L/R ANT+ w/o BLE. 1 still available at Sigma Sport : link to sigmasports.com. That being said, if you are doing a lot of miles each year I would tell you to steer far clear of the Powertap. After the warm up, 133w always felt easier. I backed iQ2 on Kickstarter (currently I have bikes equipped with 4iiii Precision). I know that strain guages do not know what individual muscles produce the strain. Now I have used it for several years without ever having a single problem other than changing batteries maybe once a year. This means if you vary, or vary in certain conditions, then the power might not be accurate – or something that you could compare to years from now on different products. They also sponsor/equip two WorldTour Pro teams, either directly or via Specialized’s power meters, which are rebranded and slightly tweaked 4iiii power meters. While the end-state product they have is definitely unique, it also leans heavily on their partnership with 4iiii. Thanks from Rio de Janeiro. If you don’t plan to buy their head unit or upgrade to a dual left/right system down the road, then honestly there are cheaper (and better) options from Stages and 4iiii that do dual ANT+/BLE. I would like to know if the complains are from a minority of users or if it is general owners problem, and somehow Garmin is being able to block new reviews. I am waiting to get my crank back, it seems that at a last they can see the problem, unfortunately no fix for it. Have you upgraded the firmware? I switched to discrete L/R meters due to a leg injury. Before we start diving into the brands, features, and functionality, we should probably talk about placement. Two years ago at Eurobike they introduced the DZero generation of units, which slightly increased accuracy but more importantly added Bluetooth Smart compatibility/connectivity. Most power meter and head unit companies would strongly recommend using ANT+ over Bluetooth Smart if your power meter is dual-capable. Yeah, in theory if you registered pedals you got an e-mail back in May-ish. Okay, that's the hardest part. Delivery within 3-5 day after we receive customer crank. I haven’t. It certainly seems to make a difference, though the signal’s still not as strong as most power meters out there. They’re strain gauges. I just don’t see a specific reason over any of their competitors. Just my two cent…. Not mechanically inclined This makes the left-only nature similar to that of Stages, 4iiii Precision (non-dual), and many others offering single-sided solutions. Main aim for IQ2 is so I can leave it on my CX with a 1x setup, and swap onto my MTB cranks as needed. So there’s nothing technically wrong with the unit, but I think it’s sliding back into being uncompetitive these days. It’s a small company making a decent product for the money it’s just such a shame that the support is misleading. Let’s say your pedaling is fairly smooth, will the numbers vary up and down by 10? Or should I snap up one of the remaining gen 2 at a discount ? i could have a defective unit that’s reporting +10% or whatever, and i would probably never know. or Best Offer. I also ride on hard dirt surfaces like the Katy Trail. I’m in the market for a new power meter as part of a new Tri bike I’m building and was planning on installing Q-rings. The PT hub is pretty much one of the most trusted power meters out there (for more than a decade and a half), and that’s the first time I’ve heard that claim. It was initially delayed about a year before it started shipping in the fall of 2017. With that, leaning toward Garmin Vector (in part for cycling dynamics) but wondering if there are any advantages of crank based or BB (I.e accuracy) vs pedal other than portability / ease of install. 4) Pedals/Cleats/Pedal Spacers We have not currently disclosed any plans to incorporate these metrics in future updates. Have a warranty claim in to the shop where I purchased it and they have been non-responsive. Our retrofit system uses your existing crank which is useful if you don’t want to buy a new crank. Stages really exploded this category with their left-only power meter, and other vendors followed suit including Garmin (Vector S variants), Rotor (Rotor LT, ROTOR inPOWER), 4iiii (some models), LIMITS, and Polar (Keo Power Essential) and many more. I can understand you take some precautions for Garmin V3. What the real values are is less interesting for me, as long as they are the same so my training values are constant. I highly recommend PRO BIKE KIT for bike purchases. IQ2: This pedal spacer based power meter fits in between your pedal and your crank arm, which means that it makes it more compatible than any specific pedal design, or any specific crank-arm manufacturer can. Most of the time. Das reparierte Gerät läuft seit drei Wochen ohne Probleme. In some cases, you can check independently (count and time your pulse, compare to mile markers). However, some of the newer units like the PowerTap P1/P2 that runs on AAA batteries get a bit less time, as do units such as Favero and WatTeam that use rechargeable batteries. It doesn’t sound like this are super awesome at this time, though, it does sound like they are making progress month to month. I would like to have at least one dual sided power meter. It might read a little low but its been consistently so and there’s been no stupid spikes, the only real annoying thing is every month or two it drops out a new batteries are needed but it gives me no other warning. 0 Recently bought another bike with FSA SLK carbon cranks, which Avio unit won’t work with, so I need another option …… any thoughts from anyone on possible options pls? Still, you’ll find either of the two sets of PowerTap P1 pedals I own floating around my bikes in-use as test units quite a bit. This would be nice to view offline, and to be able to email to other people.

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