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Core i7, 產品編號: An on-die Digital Thermal Sensor (DTS) detects the core's temperature, and the thermal management features reduce package power consumption and thereby temperature when required in order to remain within normal operating limits. Intel classifications are for informational purposes only and consist of Export Control Classification Numbers (ECCN) and Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) numbers. The value shown represents which Intel’s instruction set this processor is compatible with. ECC Memory Supported indicates processor support for Error-Correcting Code memory. A small form factor allows more transistors to fit on a chip, therefore increasing its performance. Your comments have been sent. Our goal is to make the ARK family of tools a valuable resource for you. Please check with the system vendor to determine if your system delivers this feature, or reference the system specifications (motherboard, processor, chipset, power supply, HDD, graphics controller, memory, BIOS, drivers, virtual machine monitor-VMM, platform software, and/or operating system) for feature compatibility. By signing in, you agree to our Terms of Service. The Intel vPro® platform is a set of hardware and technologies used to build business computing endpoints with premium performance, built-in security, modern manageability and platform stability. Thank you for your feedback. More memory channels increases the speed of data transfer between the memory and the CPU. You will receive a reply within 2 business days. Intel® AT requires a service subscription from an Intel® AT–enabled service provider. You can easily search the entire site in several ways. A Thread, or thread of execution, is a software term for the basic ordered sequence of instructions that can be passed through or processed by a single CPU core. Intel® Core™ i7-2640M Processor (4M Cache, up to 3.50 GHz) quick reference guide including specifications, features, pricing, compatibility, design documentation, ordering codes, spec codes and … Intel® IPT provides a hardware-based proof of a unique user’s PC to websites, financial institutions, and network services; providing verification that it is not malware attempting to login. You can also try the quick links below to see results for most popular searches. username See the Intel® Graphics Technology page for more information. Highly threaded applications can get more work done in parallel, completing tasks sooner. Single Core Mixed Speed 73 Pts. The Intel Core i7-2640M averaged 45.0% lower than the peak scores attained by the group leaders. (2.4.4733). Intel® Clear Video HD Technology adds video quality enhancements for richer color and more realistic skin tones. Graphics Output defines the interfaces available to communicate with display devices. Idle States (C-states) are used to save power when the processor is idle. Intel® Quick Sync Video delivers fast conversion of video for portable media players, online sharing, and video editing and authoring. Product certification and use condition applications can be found in the Production Release Qualification (PRQ) report. 1.86x faster CPU speed? Intel® Processor Identification Utility - Windows* Version, Intel® Graphics Driver for Windows* [15.28], Intel® HD Graphics Driver for Windows XP* (exe), Intel® HD Graphics Driver for Windows XP* 64 (exe), Intel® HD Graphics Driver for Windows 7* & Windows Vista* (exe), Intel® HD Graphics Driver for Windows Vista* 64 (exe). It also allows you to run 64-bit apps. Intel® My WiFi Technology enables wireless connection of an UltrabookTM or laptop to WiFi-enabled devices such as printers, stereos, etc. Frequency is typically measured in gigahertz (GHz), or billion cycles per second.

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